Sunday, April 16, 2017

Good enough for me?

Lol. I don't understand how someone I just met labels me a perfectionist.
I am diligent, particular,  purposeful, assiduous, attention to detail,,,. I have my own method,,, whatever!
But as a person, I am much too imperfect to be a perfectionist! And certainly my stitches aren't always as precise as they could be.  However, I make them good enough for me.... Kind of...

This about stops me in my tracks. 
(Not the blue line that will disappear with a little water. It's those glaring white stitches on the black fabric!!)
An applique stitch is supposed to be invisible. By using the same color thread, a stitcher can get away with slightly off stitches. Also, a better quality thread will "sink" into the fabric and practically disappear.
I'm stitching on a black and white 7/8" stripe. I was trying to get away with using one thread to stitch both the black and the white...
That area on the ear is making me nuts!! That's how it sticks out to me in the picture above... MAGNIFIED!!

This is how most eyes will see it. A tiny bit noticeable but the eye doesn't rest on that particular spot! (It wouldn't have if I hadn't pointed it out to you!)

I am this close (**thumb and pointer finger held a fraction of an inch apart**) to taking the stitches out and redoing... 
I'm also this close to having all the applique done and moving onto the next part of this quilt. (And I'm really ready to start another project..)
So.... I think I'll just touch a fine tip Sharpie to those 4 or 5 stitches and that is going to have to be good enough for me!!

The inspiration for this quilt came from Keepsake Quilting the Zoe Zebra quilt kit.
I've waited for the kit to be restocked but haven't seen it in and it's very likely never gonna be.
So, I am making my own pattern of it...
Lol, stems and leaves were easy-peasy.  Getting the zebra the right size took two days before I went ahead and cut it out of fabric... I'm still not 100% pleased, but I gotta move on! (No perfectionist tendencies there, right!?! 😄)
I've been struggling with the flowers for this quilt too.  It's definitely a size thing going on.
Looking at the flower with the yellow center, I think I've finally got them pretty good now. I have to undo the other two, cut them down and resew.

Keepsake Zoe Zebra
My version of the Keepsake Zoe Zebra quilt.

I suppose there's a certain level of perfection, even if it's not exactly perfect...
This little quilt is turning out so cute... 😄
 that's definitely good enough for me!!

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